The Static Trees - "Dirty Lungs"

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By Cassandra Mullinix of  Frederick's Bucket of Rock blog:

Former local Pennsylvania based artists, now Nashville residents Layla West and Abriham Lennin akaThe Static Trees have a new album that hits stores today!  The duo have been consistently known for their funky fun rock and roll style and Dirty Lungs continues that tradition.  Unfortunately, long time fans will have to hold out a little longer for a full length LP,Dirty Lungsis another six song EP follow up to the bands first EP Necessary Risks.  Dirty Lungs is a different adventure from Necessary Risks however.  On Dirty Lungs you’ll find Layla consistently taking the vocal lead and a narrower focus on a bohemian blues rock sound.  Despite moving to Nashville, The Static Trees recorded Dirty Lungs at MurderBoats Recording in Baltimore, MD which I believe gave them the opportunity to be that loose and charismatic duo that is The Static Trees.  The catchiest little number on Dirty Lungs and rightfully the album single, 7th son is your classic “sell your soul to the devil” kind of song with an energetic playfulness that makes more fun than traditional versions.  The rest of Dirty Lungs covers your blues genre bases with tales of love, the frustrating kind, the leaving kind, and the staying kind.  Until The Day I Die and I’ll Run with You are two examples of the staying kind of love and really bring The Static Trees charm to modern blues rock.  What is The Static Trees charm?  Their fearlessness and commitment to making music and to each other that shines through in every single song they write.  Dirty Lungs is a blues rock album that feels honest and less stylized than other pop artists.  

Live version of Until The Day I Die, taped at The Record Exchange:

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